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Persons desirous of obtaining Agmark Certification for onions under Agmark should have valid Certificate of Authorization (C.A.) for grading of onions.   Provisions contained in Fruits and Vegetables Grading and Marking Rules, 2004 (G.S.R. No. 220 dated 14th June 2004) and the Grade Designation and Quality of Onion provided in Schedule XIX to the Rules shall be applicable.

I.      Procedure for grant of C.A.    

(1)         Persons desirous of obtaining C.A. for grading and marking of onions under Agmark for exports shall apply to the concerned office of Directorate of Marketing & Inspection (DMI) in the prescribed Format

(2)         Necessary particulars and documents as prescribed in Annex-A shall be enclosed with the application.

(3)         Demand draft for Rs. 1000/- plus statutory service tax, as applicable, as the C.A. processing fee shall be enclosed with the application.

(4)         Applicant for grant of C.A. can have his own premises (owned by him or rented).  He can also use common facilities of APMC pack houses, Private/Coop pack houses etc. Details of such arrangements shall be given with the application.  Details of such arrangements may not be given by APEDA approved pack houses. 

(5)         Concerned office of the DMI will process the documents, inspect the proposed premises and grant C.A. within ten days of the receipt of complete documents.  Inspection of the premises is not required in case of APEDA approved pack houses.  In such cases, CA shall be issued within three days of the receipt of the complete documents. 

(6)         Grade designation mark (Agmark insignia) shall be securely affixed to or printed on each container.  Since each and every container is accounted for in exports, it is not necessary to have running replica serial No. on each container. It is also not necessary that Agmark insignia shall be printed in printing presses permitted by the Directorate.  However, authorised packer shall inform the name and address of the printing press from whom he is getting the containers bearing Agmark replica printed.

II.           Procedure for obtaining Certificate of Agmark Grading (CAG)   for export of onion.

1.            The C.A. holder shall apply with details of the lot to the approved laboratory/concerned office of DMI for grant of CAG for the lot of onions in the prescribed proforma.

2.            The following documents shall be enclosed with the application : 

a.             Self attested copy of commercial invoice.

b.            Declaration by the exporter in the prescribed proforma

3.            Demand draft of the requisite value in favour of the respective DMI offices of the region shall be submitted along with the application.  The exact name in which the demand draft is to be prepared may be checked from the respective office of DMI.

4.            The demand draft towards grading charges will be payable @ 0.2% of FOB value plus statutory service tax, as applicable, subject to a minimum of Rs. 200/- plus the statutory service tax, per lot. 

5.            The laboratories approved by APEDA/AGMARK shall attend to grading and analysis of residues of pesticides and heavy metals.     

6.            The approved laboratory will send the Inspection Report of grading along with report of analysis of residues of pesticides and heavy metals and enclosures listed at S. No. 2&3 above to the concerned office of DMI for issue of Certificate of Agmark Grading.  

7.            The approved laboratories shall issue Certificate of Residue Analysis in duplicate to the exporter. A third copy of the residue analysis report shall be sent by the laboratory directly to the concerned office of Agmark.

8.            The DMI officers will keep a random check on grading.

11.          DMI will issue the CAG in the prescribed proforma. Only those officers whose signatures have been sent to the European Commission shall issue the CAG.  Inspecting                 officer and the CAG issuing officer shall put the rubber stamp below their signatures.

12.          Item 14 of each CAG requires Certificate No. The procedure for   giving the Certificate Nos. shall be as follows:

First two alphabets shall be office code.  Next two alphabets shall be the inspecting officer code.  Next shall be year code and then running S. No., e.g., CAG issued  by Mr. V.K. VERMA of Mumbai Office during  the  year  2003  shall  have  the Certificate No. MU/VV/03/O1 and so on. The Office Codes are as follows:

Mumbai               -              MU                         Ahmedabad                       -              AH

Nashik                  -              NK                          Chennai                               -              CH

Pune                     -              PN                          Kochi                                    -              KO

Sangli                    -              SN                          Delhi                                     -              DE

Hyderabad         -              HY                          Kanpur                                 -              KA

Bangalore           -              BA                          Lucknow                            -              LU

 Amritsar            -              AM                         Kolkata                                -              KK                                         

13.          First and second copy of the CAG shall be given to C.A. holder.  The first copy shall go with consignment documents and C.A. holder can retain the second.  Third will be the office copy.

14.          After loading/stuffing of the container, the laboratory shall provide a Container Stuffing/Loading Certificate to the shipper in the format given in Annex-G.

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I want to know about recruitment procedure of a chemist in AGMARK.Is there any entrance exam?
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